Outcome Assessment Committee (OAC)

The Outcome Assessment Committee is responsible for classifying malformations recorded descriptively in the Case Report Forms. Once a month, the Central Registry forwards all reports of congenital abnormalities to the commission. Assessment, which is based on the ICD 10 and Eurocat systems, is carried out blindly as far as exposure to antiepileptic medication and other risk factors are concerned. Minor anomalies are not included, as the teratogenic endpoint of the protocol is major malformations.

Reporting physicians are encouraged to report anything they consider to be abnormal providing all the necessary specifications. When necessary, the OAC asks for additional information.

Central Project Commission (CPC)


  • Silje Alvestad – Oslo, Norway
  • Dina Battino – Milan, Italy (Central Study Coordinator)
  • Erminio Bonizzoni – Pavia, Italy
  • John Craig – Belfast, United Kingdom
  • Emilio Perucca – Pavia, Italy
  • Piero Perucca – Melbourne, Australia
  • Anne Sabers – Copenhagen, Denmark
  • * Sanjeev V Thomas – Trivandrum, India
  • Torbjörn Tomson – Stockholm, Sweden (Chairman)
  • Frank Vajda – Melbourne, Australia


  • coordination of the activities of national groups
  • creation of the Central Registry (EURAP)
  • evaluation at regular intervals of the registry data
  • transmission of half-yearly reports to national groups and sponsors
  • publication of study results