MENU “Utilities

The menu UTILITIES gathers the most useful fuctions and it is located on the top of the screen. Find here below the description of each function in details:

  • Save to File: Creates a file EURcopy.fp5 containing all those records that were selected when you clicked on the button.
  • Forms to Send: Selects all those forms that have at least one subform with status “TO BE SENT”.
  • Forms to Check: Selects all those records that needs your attention.
  • Forms to Recall: Shows those forms having at least one pending subform with an expired due date.
  • List view: Displays all the active forms as a list.
  • Set Default Values: Opens a window from which the the “identity” of the database can be changed.

Software buttons

Creates a new empty form for recording the data of a new case. All the sub-forms are created together, with the “EMPTY” status.

You can import forms sent to you as text attached to email messages.

Lets you view the selected forms in a preview way, often similar to what you’d get printing the forms.

Prints chosen data: you’ll be asked for the printer settings. Be sure to confirm the printing of the “Records being browsed”.

Enters the find mode, showing an empty form where you can write your searching criteria in the appropriate fields.

Erases the present record. The program allows you to erase only those records with status “EMPTY” in all subforms.

Chooses the “ready-to-send” forms and shows them in a list, where you can narrow the chosen set and send them.

Exports the chosen forms on a filemaker file called EURlist.txt.

Closes the current window, bringing you back on the previous one.

Shows the tables listing the descriptions associated to the codes entered in the subforms.