CASE REPORT FORM (CRF): the standardized form for collecting patients’ data. It is constitued by five sub-forms (A-B-C-D-E) to be filled in at regular intervals. Electronic Case Report Forms are sent via e-mail. Case Report Forms are also available on paper form.

CENTR CODE: the number that identifies each local centre. Centre codes are assigned by National Coordinators, if available, or the Central Registry.

COUNTRY CODE: the number that identifies each country. Country codes are assigned by the Central Registry.

DEFAULT VALUES: details identifying each local centre to be entered in the EURAP software.

DROP OUT: status given by the Central Registry to pregnancis lost to follow-up.

EURcopy: a copy of your EURAP database.

EURlist: file containing a list of your pregnancies with their status.

EURmail.txt: file containing the electronic CRFs. It is automatically created by the software during the sending procedure. Each EURmail.txt may contain one or more CRFs.

FIELD: any box in each subform where you enter the requested data.

FORMS TO RECALL: pregnancies with su-forms that need to be updated as due time has elapsed.

IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (ID): the number that identifies each pregnancy. IDs are made of 9 digits: 2 digits for the country code, 2 digits for the centre code and 5 digits for the code of the pregnancy.

IMPORTING FAILURE: when a wrong EURmail.txt is imported. It usually occurs when you fail to substitute the EURmail.txt that you have just received and import a previous one instead.

INTERRUPTED: status given by the Central Registry to early terminated pregnancies.

NOT ELIGIBLE: statsu given by the Central Registry to pregnancies not meeting inclusion criteria as explained in the EURAP core protocol.

REDLIGHT: any bullet on the left side of each field highlighting a field that needs to be checked.

UNCLASSIFIABLE: status given by the Central Registry to pregnancies that according to the Outcome Classification Commission (OCC) cannot be considered either as malform or as normal.

YELLOW FIELD: the field located under each subform’s title. It can be accessed from any subform (A-B-C-D-E) simply by clicking inside the yellow box, and it should be used by both National Coordinators and Central Registry in order to communicate each other.